~Flow Classes~

    All classes offer a well-balanced, eclectic blend of various styles of yoga, the classes move dynamically with constant attention to breath. 


Slow Flow is a flow style practice with long holding postures which establish a solid understanding of alignment and safety. 

 Vinyasa (Athletic Yoga)  Is a challenging class which requires some experience. Proper form and understanding of  alignment are essential as variations of postures are more challenging. Come with an open heart and leave your competitive mind at the door!   

 Gentle Stretch Yoga is a great way to begin a practice!  The practice consists of gentle flowing  movements designed to improve the health of the joints while developing muscular strength. All of this cultivates better balance. 

~Restorative Yoga~

Restorative Yoga is designed to restore and renew the body by releasing tension and stress.  Holding tension  in the body can cause damage over time. Likewise, anxiety and mental stress can lead to 'dis-ease' for our mind.


  Allow yourself to 'hit the reset button'!

 Rejuvenate in this class with passive yoga postures using blocks, bolsters and blankets.  


Restorative Yoga is a perfect compliment to a challenging yoga practice and active lifestyle. This class is appropriate for all levels of experience and a nice option for those looking for a prenatal style class.

~ Breathing Practice ~

  Yoga breathing, which is known as Pranayama, is the first step toward

re-orienting and improving the functioning of your body by learning to optimize the breathing process. All classes incorporate breathing techniques to maximize the benefits of a complete yoga practice.

  One of the challenges of Yoga Practice is -  it takes practice! Our lifestyle is filled with instant gratification.  We live in an impatient society.  It seems that we take on the burden our culture tries to lay on us; the notion that 'looking good' is of more value than feeling good.  

The breathing practice is an amazing path to tapping into the joy of internal strength and flexibility ~ adaptability!  Feeling good on the inside brings such joy to our lives.

  The breathing practice is like going on a little journey of introspection.  Again, not  easy! It may be even more challenging than any of the physical classes. 

                     But it's worth it!